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What to expect when hiring a cleaning service?

Hiring a cleaning service can be confusing for the first time. There are so many different kinds of expectations that need to be met in different kinds of homes. Depending on the amount of time you hire a cleaning service, the amount of work that can be done varies. Ask yourself the following questions:

-How clean is my home?

-Have I done any big spring cleanings?

-Is there something that might slow down my cleaner from cleaning? Any big appliances? Furniture?

-Will I give my cleaner any specific tasks like laundry or cleaning the air conditioner?

Depending on the task, the time to clean varies depending on the obstacles ahead for the cleaner.

On average, it takes a cleaner 2 hours to clean the following in a high quality manor:

-Cleaning the toilet

-Mop the floors

-Clean dishes in the sink

-A single load of laundry

Have a chat with your cleaner beforehand

The first time can be confusing. Cleaners won't automatically and magically know what to clean, and when. If there’s anything specific you need them to do, don’t be afraid to ask!

Sometimes, a cleaner may be unable to handle certain tasks like dedicated cabinet organization, etc. You must ask about complicated tasks beforehand to see if they can handle them.

Examples of dedicated tasks that require a longer period:

Removing intense stains from the house. This may take more time than you would expect.

Moving big boxes and appliances (Reorganization) Some cleaners may not be able to handle such tasks but if they can, it would take a longer period.

Cleaning out air conditioners.

Window cleaning. Depending on the amount of windows you have will take longer.

Cleaners can’t always do anything unless you ask them to.

Depending on how much time you’ve paid for, the cleaner can’t do absolutely everything, unless you make a list of what needs to be done. Make sure to time it out as well! Allocate some time for them.

For example:

Cleaning room 1 (30mins), Cleaning Room 1 (20 minutes), Mop the main floor (10 Minutes), etc.

Learn more about the different types cleaning services we offer at Cleanway New York!

Okay. How do I prepare for the cleaner's arrival?

There are some precautions that you can take before the cleaners arrive. Make sure to remove any dangerous items so they can work in a safe environment.

Remove any obstacles in the way of the cleaner. This saves both of you time and money.

Make sure to prepare the tools needed. Any cleaning supplies that are required from the cleaner should be prepared beforehand.

As human beings, we’re easily distracted. Make sure not to have any distractions, including standing in front of them, or having the television on. If you have children, make sure they’re away while the cleaner is doing their job.

Give feedback!

Always make sure to give feedback to the cleaner. It’s important for the cleaner to know if there doing a good job or not. At Cleanway New York, "We Know The Secret To A Spotless Home!"


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