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How do you know if there's Mold in your house?

One of the most dangerous things that can happen in your home other than the obvious ones, is mold. It can cause an extreme amount of damage to your health especially if you have asthma.

Here's a list of signs to predict if you have mold.

-You've been sneezing or coughing more than usual.

Increased asthma symptoms are a prime suspect for Mold. If you don't have asthma but are experiencing the symptoms of it, it's a tell tale sign.

-Seeing black/green spots on ceilings or walls

Do you see any dark spots on ceiling corners or on the walls? That's mold. Experts don't recommend that you clean it and hire a professional due to the fact that if not cleaned properly, it will re-develop on the wall or the mold can spread into the air via cleaning.

-Black spots in between your tiles

Another tell tale sign of mold is spots or dirt in between your tiles. Typically they might not be green spots but black. It’s imperative that if you see these in your bathroom to remove them immediately. There are multiple cleaners that you can purchase online but this work can be completed by a professional as well.

-A recent water leak

One of the most predictable situations where mold can develop is when water leaks inside of your home. If not cleaned properly or dehumidified, mold will develop in the nearby areas. Make sure to call a professional if this situation occurs to you due to the fact that this will be extremely difficult to remove manually and you might not be able to.

-Your air feels different

Do you feel as if there’s moisture in your air? That might be mold that’s about to develop. Consult a professional for more information. You can't test the air for mold without a special tool.

-Furniture you constantly clean is getting wet

Do you clean your furniture but then it randomly gets wet? That’s a sign of molding. Consult a professional for more information.

-Do you smell a wooden smell?

A wooden smell may typically be an indicator of mold. Consult a professional if you smell a wooden smell and you do not have wooden furniture inside of your home.

-Do you have a rotten smell in your home?

Rotten smell but nothing rotten inside your home? Consult a professional. This may not be mold but it could be a larger issue at hand as well. Consult a professional.

-Asthmatic are especially at risk

When moving into a new apartment and you are Athematic, checking in with a professional is a unique essential. Some landlords may tell you that there has been an inspection and mold was not found but for someone with this disease it's essential to get a second opinion. -Ceilings becoming distorted

Are there random bubbles developing in your ceiling? Consult a professional as this couple be signs of your ceiling not only crumbling, but mold as-well.


Mold can be prevalent hidden or shown. It’s up to the individual to inspect certain areas of the home to see if there is any visible mold or any telltale signs of mold. Consulting a professional is essential if you see something happening to you in your home that is on this list.

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