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Our mission

Our mission at Cleanway NYC is to exceed any and all of our clients’ expectations. All of our employees meticulously clean with great attention to detail in order to never leave a client feeling dissatisfied with their job. At Cleanway, we appreciate the joy a fresh and clean home can bring more than anything, and so, we can confidently say that you can put your cleaning worries at ease with our help. You’d be surprised how much a little cleaning can do to elevate your mood, especially if you choose to use our services!

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About Robertyna

Cleanway New York is owned and operated by Robertyna Rudzinska. She is a young entrepreneur who has always had her heart set on success. Before starting her cleaning company, she moved on her own from Poland and quickly began delineating a plan to establish herself, as well as help others, which has always been a personal goal and value of hers. She knows from experience that a nice, fresh, and clean home can do wonders for your mental and emotional state, and so she dedicates all of her time helping others achieve that! Everyday, she feels blessed with the opportunity that she’s had to establish Cleanway NYC, and it shines through her and the entire company’s work: she will make sure your clean space leaves a smile on your face!

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