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How do you clean out an air conditioner?

How do you clean a box air conditioner?

Disclaimer: Air conditioners are susceptible to explosion or fire, please hire/consult a professional or hire a cleaning service!

Recent heatwaves in New York and the rest of the east coast have prompted the extended use of air conditioners. It’s a new experience for millions, and each year the biggest question on everyone’s minds is: “ do I clean it?”

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The fan of the AC unit pushes air through its cabinet, causing the air temperature to lower as it passes through the coils.

As a result, the coils collect dust and debris from the air that is passed through them. If an excessive amount of dust builds up on the coils, this will affect their capacity at maintaining optimal performance.

A routine dusting of the coils (recommended every 3-6 months) using hydrogen peroxide will keep your unit running efficiently.

The AC unit pulls outside air into its cabinet through the filters. This outside air contains dust and debris which is caught in the filters and builds up over time.

It is essential that you change the filters or clean the filters, depending on the type of your AC unit, to prevent freezing your unit.

Clogged filters create poor air flow trapping cold air within the cabinet. Eventually, ice will form inside the unit, and that is how the common occurrence of water leaking from the unit is caused.

Lastly, What is hydrogen peroxide?

It’s an added molecule added to H20 (Water.)

It can be used to clean a lot more than an air conditioner, it can be mixed with soap to clean sinks and the bathroom as well and many more aspects to your home.

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