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Should you get an air purifier?

When you come back from a long day of work, meeting with friends or going out to have fun, when you come into your home you let in thousands of particles. Dust, dirt, and debris scurry into your home. Over time, this generates mold and can destroy your home. In this article, we'll teach you how to purify your home so nothing like this happens again.

In New York, dust levels are at an all-time high. Some key essentials that you must keep in mind are the following:

Make sure your clothing is regularly washed.

Do you have a washer-dryer combo in your home? Great! We recommend when getting home that you place your clothes in the Wash to eliminate any dust and shower after to protect yourself as well. This is a great method everyone already does but doing it beyond moderation can improve your health by removing bacteria from staying on your clothing in the long term.

Protecting yourself from your bedsheets

Did you know that bedsheets hold the most dust in an entire home and carry bacteria and germs while you sleep? It's critical to wash your bedsheets every 7 days, especially if any viruses have ever touched them.

Removing Dust from your couch

Couches, especially old ones can get dirty quickly. A lot of people only care about the anti-dust aspect and not cleaning it, but cleaning especially on an old couch can go miles for protecting you from dust.

Getting an air purifier

The majority of people outside the western world have this technology. In crowded countries such as South Korea or cities such as Shenzhen, most people have an air purifier not only to protect themselves from the mold but bad air quality. Without one, their lungs would get damaged quicker over time. We need to think about these items that are important in our daily lives.

Can there be poor air quality inside my home?

Absolutely. Your air quality can skyrocket into the red if you have an older home or one where Mold is even starting to develop! An air purifier cannot stop mold that's already present but it can slow down the process and stop new mold from generating altogether.

What else can an air purifier do?

Some air purifiers are built into air conditioners or fans! Check to see if your products have a purification option

available to be used. American products are new to this technology so you might still want to go out and get a trusted one from a trusted brand such as Dyson.

Does it use up a lot of electricity?

Most air purifiers only use 5W, the same as the USB iPhone charger box, so you can keep it on at all times, or have a timer on it!


Getting an air purifier is an essential living item. Depending on where you live it might be more essential for you than others.

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