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We know that running a business require a lot of things that you need to take care of - cleaning shouldn't be one of them!

Office cleaning

Every office needs tidiness to operate properly. We will provide you with a perfectly prepared place where employees will feel comfortable,  and work will be more efficient. Cleanway NYC is open to a permanent partnership. We can set the number of cleanings per month, and each time you will get the highest quality for yourself and your employees. 

Office Corridor

Post Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning refers to the cleaning that is undertaken right after a construction project is finally completed. No construction project is fully complete until the post-construction cleaning is completed because the construction project may not look the best without the cleaning fully done. 

This cleaning will typically be an in-depth scrub down of the construction place, washing walls, sweeping, cleaning windows, and any other parts of the construction project that need to be cleaned up. Doing this cleaning helps ensure that the building will be fully presentable to the client who ordered the construction project. 

Hands Raised

Private Schools cleaning

We understand that it is a big and very important decision when you are trying to choose a trusted and reliable cleaning service to keep your school clean, safe, healthy and attractive for all visitors and students. 

     Learning institutions are extremely busy, handling lots of traffic daily. While each school differs in size, it’s common for them to have several buildings to provide ample space for all school activities. 

      The scope of cleaning services for your private school depends on various factors, among them the particular facilities present. While every private school is unique, the most common areas that require professional attention include:

  • Classrooms

  • Hallways

  • Offices

  • Gym 

  • Floors, walls, glass surfaces, and other surfaces

  • Washrooms and locker rooms

  • Refilling sanitizers and restocking toiletries

  • Proper waste removal and placing waste buckets accordingly

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