We Know The Secret To A Spotless Home—Enjoy Our Full-Service Cleaning Solutions In NYC 

Basic Cleaning*

Studio                  $100

1 bedroom         $110

2 bedroom        $120

3 bedroom        $130

In the bathroom

    · Scrubbing Tub/shower/Toilet

    · Cleaning Vanity/Mirror


In the kitchen

    · Washing the dishes (only one full sink, if more $20 extra)

    · Polishing counter Tops/Stove/Microwave

    · Cleaning cabinets (outside only)

    · Cleaning Fridge (outside only) 



All areas of the house

    · Dusting all furniture

    · Changing all bed linens (please leave fresh linens on top of the                bed) 

    · Vacuum/Mopping

    · Washing all mirrors (if oversized extra $40 per hour)

    · Taking out the trash


*only for our regular clients that went through deep or extreme cleaning. Unless you really think your apartment is eligible for light cleaning contact us and we'll find a solution.

Deep Cleaning

Studio                        $150

1 bedroom               $175

2 bedroom              $200

3 bedroom                $225

In the Kitchen

     ·  Wiping outside of all cabinets/pantry

     ·  Cleaning inside/outside of the fridge

     ·  Cleaning stovetop/microwave

     ·  Cleaning stove hoods


In the Bedroom

     ·  Cleaning under the bed (if empty)

     ·  Changing bed linens (please leave fresh

        linens on top of the bed)

     ·  Dusting/polishing all furniture

     ·  Wiping all mirrors


In the Bathroom

     ·  Scrubbing inside of shower/tub

     ·  Cleaning outside bathroom cabinets

     ·  Wiping all walls

     ·  Cleaning and disinfecting all toilets

All areas of the house

     ·  Wiping of all surfaces/lamps

     ·  Vacuum/sweep/mop all floors

     ·  Cleaning under all furniture

     ·  Dusting/cleaning and wiping all boarders/moldings/plugs

     ·  Dusting/cleaning of mirrors/picture frames etc.

     ·  Cleaning all windows (inside only) and windows sills 

        (if oversized extra $40 per hour)

     ·  Taking out the trash


Studio                        $160

1 bedroom                $185

2 bedroom              $225

3 bedroom               $250

Please make sure the apartment is empty!


In the bathroom:

       ·   Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom

            (scrubbing walls, tub, sink and toilet).

       ·   Polishing bathroom faucets and mirrors.


In the kitchen:

       ·   Cleaning inside the fridge, microwave and oven.

       ·   Polishing the countertop and stovetop

       ·   Washing kitchen cabinet doors

All areas of the house:

       ·   Cleaning inside all closets, cabinets, and drawers

       ·   Washing the windows (inside only, if oversized extra                  $40 per hour)

       ·   Dusting the baseboards

       ·   Dusting/vacuuming/mopping the floors.

Post Construction

Studio        $200

1 bedroom  $225

2 bedroom  $250

3 bedroom  $260

In the bathroom

    · Scrubbing the tub/shower/toilet

    · Cleaning medicine cabinet/mirror


In the kitchen 

    · Cleaning countertops/stove/microwave

    · Cleaning inside all cabinets/drawers/pantry 

    · Cleaning the fridge inside/outside

All areas of the house:

    · Cleaning inside the cabinets/drawers/closets

    · Dusting all furniture

    · Changing all bed linens

    · Vacuum/Mopping

    · Scrubbing paint spots

    · Washing all window (inside only,  if oversized extra $40 per hour),

       windows sills/mirrors

    · Dusting and wiping all the baseboards

    · Taking out the trash

Extreme Cleaning

$75 an hour

This service is perfect for apartments that were not cleaned in awhile and are not eligible for basic or deep cleaning.  Please e-mail us about the state of your apartment.


We reserve the right to leave your apartment and cancel an appointment if you have ordered a basic/deep clean for an apartment in need of extreme cleaning. If you're not sure you can send us pictures of your apartment so we can advise which service would be right for your needs.


Extreme cleaning is for extremely dirty and messy apartments. The rate would be $75 an hour per person and most likely will need more than 1 person. You can set a maximum time of the service so it stays within your budget.


    · Detailed cleaning of AC

    · Detailed cleaning of all doors

    · Oven + fridge cleaning

    · Blind cleaning

    · Removing the scuff marks from walls

    · Cleaning ceiling fans

    · Organizing inside the closets,

       cabinets etc.

    · Washing windows outside

    · Laundry (one load)