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How do you clean your jewelry?

Do you own luxury jewelry or regular jewelry? People sometimes forget that you need to clean both equally. Delicate things that we consider pieces of our love, hard work or just an accessory to our hand, jewelry is something essential that follows us around our daily lives and defines us. Some might even say that a kiss begins with Kay, but who knows?

In this article, we’ll be explaining how to clean regular and diamond jewelry.

Using microfiber cloths and jewelry cleaner:

This option can be a hit or miss for certain pieces of jewelry, such as diamond rings or love bracelets.

If you’re cleaning a bracelet:

Grab a microfiber cloth, jewelry cleaner, a toothbrush and a small spray bottle. The spray bottle must be small enough to fit enough liquid in (It can be travel size)

Place the jewelry cleaner into the spray bottle.

Begin spraying the bracelet as much as you can (It’s recommended you do this over the sink)

And assure that there’s enough liquid on the bracelet.

Begin using a toothbrush and lightly but quickly brush the bracelet. This should give the bracelet a clearer appearance.

After a minute, take the bracelet and run it through the microfiber cloth.

You should notice a difference in bracelet quality after!

If you're cleaning a diamond or another type of jewelry:

Cleaning a diamond is a more delicate process as you cannot afford to damage the edges.

You'll need a jewelry cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Most jewelry cleaners have a little fake floor you can place the jewelry in and dump into the solution. If you don't have one, take a small cup and submerge the jewelry into the solution.

Wait 10 minutes and remove it.

After 10 minutes, remove the jewelry from the cup or solution and clean with a microfiber cloth.

Do you have a cartier bracelet?

These bracelets are special in many ways for many individuals but you don't necessarily need to clean them yourself. Cartier’s bracelets were designed for daily use, so you can go to the store once a year and get a manual cleaning. This won't only clean the bracelet but also remove any scratches. It’s best that you only clean once a year as cleaning more often can lead to damage and scratches.

Are there any life hacks to cleaning jewelry quickly?

One woman online said that she placed her bracelets in a kettle, and it removed all of the dust and debris on it. We wouldn't recommend trying this but if you do, let us know how it goes!

Enjoy this article? Need help with other cleaning tips? Visit our blog section for more cleaning tutorials and hiring a home cleaner!

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