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How to properly deep clean?

How do you properly deep clean?

Deep cleaning is a task that many dread but some can enjoy but are you doing it properly? In this article, we’ll explain how to properly deep clean the interior of your home.

Before you do anything, make sure your home is cleaned the way you regularly clean (or hire a cleaning company to do basic cleaning of your home.)

This includes:

-Fixing the bed

-Taking out the trash

-Cleaning out any/all surfaces

-Pick up any items from the floor

-Put any items back where they belong

Now, take stock of the inventory you have inside your home. Do you have enough cleaning supplies to do the job? (Such as a mop, bleach, Windex, etc.) If you do, also take into consideration the amount of time you have in the day. Make aside some time, as deep cleaning can take a very long time.

Let’s start with the kitchen.

Replace all of your expired tools.

Have old sponges in the home? It's a great time to replace them, as they can get soggy and develop bacteria inside them. Make sure to replace them once in a while.

Clean the inside of your appliances.

Cleaning out your microwave or your coffee maker may be relatively easy depending on what type of appliance you have. Make sure to get this out of the way first, especially if you have kids, then you'll see the results immediately!

Clean your oven out.

Cleaning your oven out might be a little annoying especially if it’s a little older. We recommend using a hard brush to clean it out. Using dish soap is great to remove anything, and you can use an all-purpose cleaner that supports ovens as well.

Clean and re-organize the pantry.

This can be relatively simple or a little complicated depending on how you organize it. Once the inside of the pantry is clean, you can add boxes to organize your spices, or by stacking. Make sure the items you use most often are in front of the pantry so you don't have to scurry around looking for something.

Wiping down the cabinets

You can use a microfiber cloth to clean out the cabinets with a multi-purpose spray unless it's wood or another special material then you would use the material cleaner according to that.

The Living Room


If you have any rugs you must clean them. If they're small enough to be put in a washing machine, you should do so. If not, it’s best to manually wash them and dry them outside. Rugs can collect a lot of dust and dust up your home.


If you're able to, remove any sofas, so you can remove anything that's fallen in between them. If you have a vacuum, this is a great time to begin vacuuming under them as well.

Clean any technology

Technology including lighting, televisions and remotes are essential devices that need to be cleaned. You can use a microfiber cloth with an all-purpose cleaner for this, except for the television. For that, you can just use a microfiber cloth.

The Rooms


Begin by taking all the bedding and proceed to wash them. The most dust in a home remains on bedsheets.


Look at our previous article on mattress replacement care, to see instructions on how to properly maintain them.

Dusting Off

Dust anything off the mattress and anything on the floor.

The Windows

You can use a glass cleaner for this, but make sure to de-dust beforehand.

Outside (The Patio)

Referring to our previous article, cleaning the outside of the home can be extremely simple! It just depends on your preference. You can use vinegar, bleach, soap, and water. If you have a power wash, wash it down!

Enjoy this article? Make sure to see more of our content on tips and tricks to your home. (

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