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How to clean a patio

This article is for people who don't really know what type of patio material they have, so this method can be used to clean all types of patios. Do remember patios no matter the type, require regular maintenance.

The Vinegar Method

(Make sure any plants are out of the way beforehand. Vinegar can and will kill any plants, and there is no saving them after that.)

Using vinegar, add it to half a bucket of water, mix it together and pour it onto the patio.

Wait 20 minutes.

Broom down the area, then take a mop and mop the patio down with water, which should remove the smell, and leave your patio clean.

Pressure Washer Method

This method is a longer lasting and cost effective way to keep your patio clean and doing so quickly, efficiently and regularly.

All you need to do is take the pressure washer, connect it to the hose, turn it on and start cleaning the patio! Once you're done, you turn off the hose and disconnect the pressure washer. As simple as that.

The Bleach Method

Cleaning with bleach can be a mess for certain individuals who can't handle bleach, but for those who can, these are the steps on how to clean with bleach.

Just like the vinegar method, take half a bowl of water and add a bit of bleach, then mix.

Begin applying bleach solution to the patio, and wait 15 minutes.

What TikTok Recommends

The internet is full of many different types of hacks, one of them being how to clean your patio! TikToker’s recommend that you just take soap and water in a bucket, mix it and clean with a brush.


There is a little bit of aftercare that you need to take care of. Take the time to do some research to see what types of patio you have, but when using a generalized method, make sure you always check for weeds in between the cracks if you have concrete.

Thanks for reading! If you need more cleaning tips, advice or would like to hire a cleaning service, visit our main page!

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