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Do you tip cleaning services?

The most popular question of the year regarding cleaning services is, do you tip them?

So.. Do you?

Of course! Every business appreciates a tip. Depending on what type of cleaning company they are, some companies may pay their workers' high wages so they don't have to go through the stress of needing a tip. Unfortunately, in this economy, industries such as local-American Chinese food aren't able to do this and heavily require tips. There are 2 types of cleaning companies: Self Employed cleaners versus Agencies.

Before anything, are you employing an individual/independent cleaner, or an agency?

An independent cleaner:

Typically don’t require tips as they set their rates in a format where they can get by with/without tips.

Employees of cleaning companies (Agencies)

Typically are given set rates by their bosses and some might depend on tips as they cant set said rates on their own.

Taking these two different factors into account can help you set the rate you would want to tip your cleaner.

There are also other factors for considering how much to tip your cleaner. Is your home going to be very difficult to clean? Is there a particularly difficult project such as a filthy bathroom or a family room that hasn’t been cleaned in a while? You can also consider these factors as well.

Is tipping a requirement?

Tipping is not a mandated requirement and is always up to the individual. It always has been and you should never feel required to do so. Depending on the amount of work that has been done in the house and if it was good work should be put into consideration when tipping.

How much is the regular tip amount for cleaners?

The regular tip amount is around 20-25%

Do you tip them directly?

If your cleaner accepts tips and you see them regularly, you should tip them the same amount per cleaning. Cleaners say that $20 is a good amount. Is it the holiday season? Tip them a little more if you would like!

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