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How do I properly clean my mobile devices?

How do I properly clean my mobile devices?

An important thing to remember is to always to clean your phone. A Lot of people forget to do it, and they don't realize how detrimental that can be for their sanitary health! In today’s article, we’ll walk you through how to clean your phone and other mobile devices not only to leave them spotless but also germ free.

Insurance2go, a company based in the United Kingdom ran a test to see how dirty phones were and what they could compare them to. They tested over ten cellular devices and found that each and every single one of them were dirtier than a toilet seat and the inside as well.

How do I clean my phone properly?

The apple store uses Woosh! Cleaner to properly maintain and clean their iphones and other devices. (Oddly enough they don't sell it in stores even though they use it.) They also have a microfiber cloth on hand and clean the devices using both of those products. (Those cleaners are amazing because it makes the phone look good for such a long period!)

As an alternative, you can also use an Alcohol wipe or Alcohol from your local store, with the microfiber cloth as well.

(Coming up: How to clean headphones and other electronics)

What can’t I use to clean my phone?

You can only use certain products with a screen protector. This is due to the fact that most cleaners can remove a protective layer off of your device, making it extremely susceptible to light and scratching.

These items are:

Hand Sanitizer:

You can't use hand sanitizer on your phone without a protector because of the alcohol content and other chemicals.

Windex/Glass Cleaner:

You can't use windex on your phone because the premiere layer of it isn't glass. It would appear to be at first glance but it's called Ceramic Shield.

The Pink Stuff:

You’re not able to use the pink stuff on your phone since it's an abrasive cleaning item, and can scratch your phone.

How do I clean my headphones properly?

Depending on what type of headphones you have, whether that be Airpods or old fashioned headphones, the cleaning process can be a little different for each individual headphone but in this article specifically, we’ll be talking about Airpods.

Depending on which type of airpods you have, it can vary depending on what tools you'll use.

For first to second generation Airpods:

Grab a toothbrush and brush the inside of the airpod. Spray a bit of cleaning solution onto the toothbrush for the second round of cleaning.

For the latest generation of Airpods:

Remove the ear part gently off of the Airpod. Then, use a toothbrush to gently clean the inside. Place the ear part back in.

Sometimes, wax may get in the airpod, and for that you’ll need a specific product which you can find online by searching “Wax headphone removal” on amazon, etc.

How do I clean my computer?

This varies depending on what type of computer you have.

For Mac, you should use Woosh with a microfiber cloth but for the majority of the time you should be using a Microfiber cloth only, as computer screens are extremely delicate.

Some windows computers are made with light plastic which you can use anything on, but we don’t recommend you try and experiment. Use a microfiber cloth and alcohol.

And lastly,

How do I clean my watch?

You can also use a microfiber cloth as well to make sure your watch stays clean but you might have to put on a screen protector if you want it to stay in perfect condition.

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