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3 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making Around Your House

Cleaning your house to make sure your family lives in a clean and hygienic indoor environment? We love your commitment to healthy living! However, if you're not a professional cleaner, you may be making mistakes that could be making things worse.

Let’s look at some of these mistakes in greater detail.

Using Old, Germy Sponges To Clean Surfaces

If you’ve been using an age-old sponge, there’s a high probability that it’s now a breeding ground for germs. Using it will contaminate the surface in question.

When you’re cleaning, make sure you use fresh sponges to effectively clear away any germs or microorganisms.

Mixing Different Kinds Of Cleaners Together

There are several different types of cleaners. There are ones made of bleach, those that feature rubbing alcohol, and even ones based on ammonia or peroxide. These different cleaners should never, at any cost, be mixed.

When put together, these chemicals can experience dangerous chemical reactions that can harm your health, your house, and can even, in extreme cases, be fatal.

Before using chemical-based cleaners, make sure you educate yourself about the ingredients and read through the product descriptions, explaining the precautions that need to be taken.

Skipping Doorknobs, Remotes, Frames, And Drawer Pulls

Finally, if you’ve been leaving out the doorknobs, photo frames, and drawers, you might be transferring germs and possibly contaminating your house because these are the spaces we touch most often.

To effectively clean your entire house and encourage a healthy and hygienic environment for everyone, make sure you don’t leave out any areas that people frequently touch.

All up to date with the cleaning mistakes you might be making? Now you can make sure your house looks spick and span at all times. However, if you’re ever out of time or need help getting your space in Brooklyn ready, you can always hire a professional cleaning service.

If you’re on the lookout for a well-reputed and reliable apartment or house cleaning service, our team at Cleanway NYC makes a great choice. You can browse through all the details of our services here. If you’re looking to make a booking, please fill out this form. In case you have any queries or questions or need additional information, contact us here.

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